Will Blue Jays Make Tellez to Earn A Good Job?
Will Blue Jays Make Tellez to Earn A Good Job?

Blue Jays slowly removed Justin Smoak from the lineup at the end of last season mainly because they wanted to give Lodie Teres game time and continue to value him until the 2020 season.

The hope is that Teres will receive his first-based job next year, and perhaps there will be some veteran to perform best, but will also cover the tiles if he is not ready to take over . paper

The Toronto Blue Jays have taken seriously to improve their team for the 2020 season. One of the players they brought is a Travis show with the ability to play one Vis.

In fact, there are several types of them that can fill the position. Therefore, Rowdy Tellez’s past performance needs to ask what it is and how much Tellelle has to do to earn daily work.

Looking at the list, Blue Jays have several players who can play on one base in 2020. Some of them are not the answer every day, others are the answer.

Will Blue Jays Make Tellez to Earn A Good Job?
Will Blue Jays Make Tellez to Earn A Good Job?

Given its flexibility, you can see what the “here” option will be, but it is not a threat to Tellez’s playtime.

The Travis show initially has 825 major league entries and the minor league has more than 3000 career entries. It is not a stranger in position.

In fact, when Toronto signed for the first time, many thought it was the first base of every day; with Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s backup being the third.

However, a well-documented struggle on the plate last season and some modifications needed to exaggerate the launch angle can’t prevent you from doing your first work. We need to make adjustments and show that we can maintain them successfully.

Tellez’s problem is consistency. On the At Bats per Home Run list, you’ll notice that Tellez hasn’t even reached the top 100. He ranked 57th with 18.9 AB / HR. For reference, Mike Trout was first at 10.4 AB / HR and Tim Anderson was 100 at 27.7 AB / HR. For power to be very meaningful, it must be able to produce more consistently.