Kobe and Vanessa Byrant family

Vanessa Bryant took to Instagram to share an unopened letter that Kobe Bryant had written for her before the mishap. She turned 38 on May 5 and found this letter a thing to look forward to on her birthday.

It is pretty evident that the year has been extremely difficult for her as she lost her husband and daughter in a plane crash. On her first birthday without them, the letter gave her the comfort probably nothing else would have. She discovered it on May 4 but waited until the next day to open it. She shared that the letter addressed to her as “The love of my life” from “Tu Papi”. The couple would have celebrated 19 years of marriage in April.

Vanessa Byrant clicked a picture of the envelope as she held it with her other hand and that was the Instagram post. The letter included a photo drawn of Vanessa with an angel holding her up. He had got it drawn by an artist. She further wrote that she is missing the love of her life and her “sweet little Mamacita” (Gianna) who is also her fellow Taurus. She also wrote that she is grateful to wake up to her three daughters Natalia, Bianka, and Capri.

Celebrating 38th birthday

She uploaded two more posts on Instagram sharing how the four girls in the house are celebrating the day. She took a selfie with daughter Capri, dressed up in a cute pink floral dress that was once Gigi’s outfit. The caption expressed that she feels Capri is looking like her father Kobe.

In another post, we get to see all the four girls together amidst the birthday celebrations. She expresses gratitude towards her daughters to make her day special and for ordering lovely flowers and piñatas to decorate their place.

Her Instagram story showed homemade tacos that they ate and also a picture of the lovely rose decoration done by the daughters. Her IG stories also included several reposts by celebrities and friends who have been wishing her happy birthday. Some of them wrote notes, some posted their pictures together, and some even handpicked her best moments with Kobe and Gianna and posted them to wish her. She also received lots of flowers from her friends and well-wishers that she put up on stories as well.

Remembering Gianna

Gianna Maria Onore Bryant, the second daughter of Vanessa Bryant and Kobe Bryant lost her life with father Kobe in a plane crash on January 26, 2020. On May 1, it would have been her 14th birthday.

Vanessa took to Instagram to share a vibrant photo of her and wished her happy birthday. She said she loved her more than ever now and how she is a part of her soul. She also expressed how much she misses her and wished she would wake up to having her around.

In another post, she shared how much Gianna loved the color red and would always have a red bow in all her school pictures. She asked her friends and followers to wear something red to commemorate Gigi’s birthday.