Global anti-doping leaders unanimously agreed on Monday to remove Russia from the International Games – including the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo next summer, the latest and severe punishment yet to be a long-time betrayal. Wali is associated with the scheme which has tarnished the global game.

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s sentence includes specific restrictions on Russian sports and government officials. It prohibits the country from hosting international events, and it comes four years after the first details of the scheme were made public at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

“For a long time, Russian doping has separated from clean sport,” the agency said in a statement. “Russia was given every opportunity to regain its home and to re-engage the global anti-doping community for the well-being of its athletes and the integrity of the sport. But instead of continuing its stand of deception and denial Chosen. “


For some, including all other athlete groups and national anti-doping agencies, the punishment does not go very far, as it leaves the possibility that hundreds of Russian athletes may appear in Tokyo, just as they did in the Winter Olympics in South Korea that year.

The verdict is unlikely to surprise many, as the scale of Russia’s attempt to conceal, disrupt, and frustrate the beneficiaries of the state-run doping program has noted for its sophistication and scope. Nevertheless, Russia is almost sure to make a decision. It consistently denies the allegations, even after several independent investigations that have revealed a welter of evidence against it.

Russian officials have twentyone days to lobby for arbitration with the Swiss-based Court of Arbitration for Sport following an announcement from the anti-doping agency, which convened for a special meeting near the International Olympic Committee headquarters which is located in Lausanne Went.

If Russia is unable to govern, the country’s exit from the world of international sports will focus on events beyond the Olympics, including the World Cup of Football.

The resettlement efforts of the country have led to many resentful of Russia after the whistleblower evidence, which helped a careful planning and eventual success – including anti-Russian doping experts and members of the country’s intelligence service secretly replacing urine samples Take it.