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The forward basketball star, Oscar Frayer, of the university of Grand Canyon died due to a car crash. The accident took place on Tuesday. He put 8 points on the scoreboard for the GCU in the tournament of NCAA. The match was between No. 2 seed Iowa and no. 3 GCU. The player was merely 23 years of age.

Oscar Frayer was with his sister in the SUV during the accident

There were three people inside Frayer’s SUV, including his sister, whose name is Andrea Moore. The unfortunate event took place at 2:30 AM in Lodi, California, on Tuesday. The Patrol authority of California Highway(CHP) said that the SUV took a sudden turn, losing control and hit one of their vehicles.

CHP officers survived but two passengers with Frayer died

The CHP said that the SUV crashed against a tree. There was an immediate blast, and flames engulfed the player’s vehicle. Tragically no one survived the accident.

There were no other casualties, thankfully. However, the two CHP officers got hurt. They need time to recover before they renew their duties. The CHP said that their two officials got hurt in the accident too. However, they are recovering and may survive.

Oscar Frayer was a significant player in GCU. He was in his senior year contributing to the Lopes team. The team is in shock after the loss of their teammate. They issued a statement on Thursday mourning their beloved player’s death.

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GCU coach mourns Oscar Frayer’s death

Bryce Drew, the coach of GCU, said that Frayer was always so in high spirit, energy. His personality’s vibrancy was contagious. It was his electrifying spirit that united the team like never before.

He is at a loss for words after Oscar’s death. The sadness is overwhelming. He thinks they will meet again someday in another world in heaven and be together discussing basketball.

Oscar Frayer, a proud Purple player, thanked his team

Frayer was on the court for 26 minutes, but GCU lost to Iowa in Saturday’s match. The antelopes were #15 seed, and Iowa was no. 2.Oscar Frayer played his 107th match on Saturday.

The forwarded basketball player said in a tweet that he is thankful to the team for giving him such an opportunity. The Purple is his all-time jersey as he had been playing there for five years now. The experience was terrific.


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