Gabe Kapler Helps Alyssa Nakken Make History Coaching First Base

Everyone is yet to know whether the San Francisco Giants and Gabe Kapler will continue their peaceful and silent protest for the rest of the baseball season 2020. Gabe Kapler is the manager of the San Francisco Giants, and he knelt during the national anthem before a friendly game on July 20 in Oakland. Along with him in the ceremony were Jaylin Davis, Antoan Richardson, and Mike Yastrzemski. Kapler stated later that he along with the Giants will get as many as 60 opportunities to decide whether to kneel in season 2020.

Kapler made yet another moving gesture during the game on July 20. It was important in its way too. However, the manager of the Giants will probably not do the same again. It was during the last few minutes of the game opposite the A’s that we saw a rich, emblematic, and symbolic moment. The staff of the Giant’s team along with Kapler assigned Alyssa Nakken, assistant coach to take over the first base.

Baseball’s Year of the Women

It seems that the pandemic and COVID-19 is waylaying several plans, hopes, and storylines baking in the games season of 2020. It includes one narrative that was waiting for quite some time. Well, 2020 is rightly baseball’s ‘Year of the Women.’ There are so many ways in which the statement becomes evident. Starting from the rising analytics to several advancements, and the bending of the arc of moral justice- everything leads to the increase in prominence of women in baseball. During the 2020 season, a total of four teams launched female coaches. They were all playing important roles in the improvement of the team. Making the players better is the sole purpose of all coaches, irrespective of their gender.

The New York Yankees chose Rachel Balkovec as the minor-league hitting guide. She is to work in association with the Dominican Affiliates and the Gulf Coast League. On the other hand, the Chicago Clubs chose Rachel Folden to be their lead hitting lab tech. She will also be the coach for their rookie-level Mesa and the Arizona Club. The fact that she has work experience with Justin Stone, the new hitting director of the club is paying off now. Again, Christina Whitlock is chosen to be the “fourth coach” in a minor league of the St. Lois Cardinals. She will be responsible for finding talent and also develop coaching.

How Gabe Kapler created history by keeping women forward

Following Kapler’s hiring as the manager of the San Francisco Giants, there were several rounds of discussions. Ultimately, he took Alyssa Nakken from the development team and placed her to be a part of the history of baseball. She became the first major coach to handle major leagues. It seems that all these women are following the lines of the famous Justine Siegal. She was the guest instructor of the Instructional League of the A’s back in 2015. Apart from that Siegal was also the batting practice coach for several other clubs.

In the context of Alyssa Nakken’s promotion, manager Kaplen expressed his opinion. According to him, the environment of any organization affects the performance of people there. So, baseball is not an exception to this belief. Well, that is the major reason why Alyssa Nakken and Mark Hallberg will do more than just coach the staff there.

They will also be nurturing the clubhouse culture here. As a result, the staff will get a deeper sense of team management and collaboration. Moreover, the performance of the people here will become better too. Therefore, Nakken was seen in full uniform during this season. However, COVID-19 was the spoiler this time. There was a delay of four months in the case of the major league. Besides, the minor league season is canceled completely.