Aldon Smith is back on NFL

The defensive end for Dallas Cowboys Aldon Smith is back on NFL. The NFL conditionally reinstated him on May 20. He said that he was grateful now that he will get a chance to be back on the field again. Aldon Smith was suspended by the NFL in 2015. He had flouted some of the NFL’s substance abuse and personal conduct policies. He has missed more than four seasons now due to his suspension. When he was asked how he felt upon getting reinstated, he expressed that he was grateful. He said that he was grateful for the chance to go back to something that he enjoys and loves doing. Just getting that chance to get on the field and play again meant a lot to him.

Aldon is back on NFL after four seasons

Aldon said that he has come a very long way and has overcome huge obstacles in his life. He has been arrested many times during his entire career. His offenses include domestic violence and DUIs. Aldon event spent 90 days in jail in 2018 as he violated a court order. He also indulged in false imprisonment to do away with the case involving domestic violence. He ended up serving his overall sentence in an alcohol and drug treatment center with inpatient facilities.

Wants to inspire others

Now that Aldon is sober, he wants to inspire other people with his story. He said that he is doing this for people who thought about him differently and for those people who believed in him. He wants those people to be proud of him. Aldon said that everyone has problems in their lives regardless of their profession. Now, these problems can make or break a person. These problems can cause someone to fall or they can be opportunities to learn something new. Aldon wants people to look at his journey and feel that if he has done it, so can they. He wants to inspire people to be better versions of themselves.

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Before being suspended out of 59 games Aldon had 47.5 sacks. Now he has informed TMZ that he has become a much better person. Aldon said that he feels young even though he is 30 years of age. He said that he was happy that he was able to play at a high level despite the multiple problems in his life. He said that based on his current situation, he wanted to see what he can do going forward. Aldon Smith has signed a new contract with Dallas Cowboys for one year. He can earn anywhere between $90,000 and $4 million based on his performance. Alson will be a part of the Dallas Cowboys’ offseason program that is virtual this year and starts on 19th May. He will be having meetings with his teammates and coaches virtually.

Final Thoughts

Aldon Smith has gotten a second chance with his reinstatement. Let’s hope that he rebounds back to his glory days and does well for himself and his team.


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