Abdelrahman Elghadban

The Liga ACB, is the top professional basketball division of the Spanish basketball league system. It’s the best competitive basketball in Europe along side the Turkish Basketball League TBL. Even though Andorra is not located in Spain, it competes in the Spanish basketball league.  The club acquired the 6’3 Guard after having him for a two-week tryout last year. His agent Perlesta Hollingsworth said in multipule interviews that this deal has been in the works for over 6 months. “It was not easy because you have to have a big resume to be able to play in this level but the club is showing faith in Abdelrahman Elghadban and I am sure he is up to the challenge.”

BC Andorra currently struggles with only 6 wins and 12 losses. It’s not a top tier team at the moment however they will be the first club ever to sign an Egyptian player in Liga ACB.

What does this move mean for Abdelrahman Elghadban?

It’s obviously a big step forward but a lot is expected from him in his rookie season. As one of the two foregin players, he would have to perform at a high level from the start because it’s known in Europe A1 leagues that they cut underperforming players in mid-season. Ibon Navarro, BC Andorra’s head coach might put him on the ball as a Point Guard or off the ball due to his shooting abilities. We’re excited to see how next season plays out as Abdelrahman is expected to arrive to Andorra next August. The deal will be official in a few months. 

Abdelrahman Elghadban’s last season stats: 19.4 pts and 4.2 assists.