Traveling with CBD Products

The 2018 Farm Bill helped legalize cannabidiol products derived from hemp containing less than 0.3% THC. As a result, millions of people can now legally buy hemp products through licensed dispensaries and online retailers. Companies can grow, harvest, process, market, and sell such products as long as they comply with federal and state guidelines. As a result, the number of people carrying and traveling with such products has also increased exponentially. However, not all states in the US allow individuals to transport and use cannabidiol-based products. Hence, consumers need to be wary of several rules and regulations when traveling with CBD products. Are you planning to take your travel-ready CBD capsules with you on your next vacation? Read on to learn more about traveling with cannabidiol products to ensure you stay on the right side of the law!

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a phytocannabinoid found within the Cannabis Sativa plant that influences various bodily functions. It interacts with our endocannabinoid system by binding to our receptors and neurotransmitters. As a result, these compounds can regulate our sleep patterns, appetites, immune response, and cognitive function. However, people wrongly associate cannabidiol with the intoxication they experience when using marijuana. The psychoactive ingredient that helps people feel euphoric is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Since cannabidiol does not work as a psychoactive drug, it is safe for use for extended periods. Millions of people worldwide use cannabidiol as a natural remedy for various ailments, such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, and epilepsy.

Domestic Travel with CBD

Thanks to recent legislation and the legalization of cannabidiol, the rules regarding domestic travel have become relatively straightforward. American law allows individuals to carry hemp-derived cannabidiol products across state borders. People also have the right to fly with these products as long as they comply with airline guidelines regarding packaging. However, all other cannabis products which contain more than 0.3% THC are illegal in many American states. As a result, individuals should refrain from traveling within the country with such products to prevent legal troubles.

The best option in such cases is to only buy legally sourced CBD products after identifying their THC content. Since flying and traveling with hemp-derived products are permissible legally, users should opt for such variants. However, while such items have a sanction at the federal level, different states have varying rules regarding the legal status of such products. Hence, all users should check the Transportation Security Administration’s official website to verify state laws regarding traveling with cannabidiol. Always double-check travel-related laws to ensure compliance and prevent unnecessary delays. Also, try to carry a copy of the Certificate of Analysis or third-party testing report to quantify the product’s THC concentration. Individuals who rely on such items or medical marijuana for their therapeutic properties must always carry their prescription while traveling because you can never be too careful while carrying any medication or drugs with you.

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International Travel with Cannabidiol

Unfortunately, there is not much clarity regarding the legal status of cannabidiol when it comes to international travel. Hence, individuals will have to thoroughly research the laws of the country they are visiting to ensure compliance and prevent lengthy overhauls. Unless you need such products for medical reasons, the safest option is to leave your cannabinoids at home. While several nations have relaxed laws regarding the storage and usage of cannabis, others are strict and lead to legal action. Hence, all users should talk to legal experts and hospitality and tourism agencies before deciding to travel with such products. When it comes to traveling by cruise ships, the rules are confusing as several lines have banned the use and transport of such products. In such cases, individuals will have to contact the representatives of such cruise lines and sort the matter out. Few hours of research and knowledge can help you in the long run.

Tips from Experts on Travelling with CBD Products

  1. While you do not have to declare such products while flying, make sure you do not hide them under layers of clothes or products. Doing so can make you look suspicious, leading to more checks and verification, leading to losing time.
  2. As per guidelines issued by the TSA, individuals have to put their electronic cigarettes and vaping devices in their carry-on bags. Such devices must never be in the checked bags to prevent overheating and other such issues.
  3. Since hemp flowers resemble cannabis-based buds significantly, it is better to fly without such products. These items might not always come with testing reports and certificates, making it difficult for you to prove their genuineness.
  4. Compare traveling with such products as doing so with over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Carry with you all the required documentation regarding the product to help make things easier for yourself if law enforcement officers raise questions.
  5. Since several countries take stringent action against those who use and store cannabis-based products, opt to keep them at home to be safe. Unless you need them for a medical condition, do not complicate your vacation plans by taking your cannabinoids with you.
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How Can Cannabidiol Help Travelers

  1. Cannabidiol’s anxiolytic properties help combat nausea and vomiting associated with take-offs and landings. It enables individuals to prevent the tiredness linked to jet lag by regulating their sleep patterns, helping them sleep better. A night of sound sleep can cure most of your problems and elevate the quality of your life.
  2. Those who are extra anxious when flying can use cannabidiol products to relax and calm their nerves to prevent anxiety.
  3. The discomfort of flying can put people in bad moods, and hemp extracts can prevent this by regulating our emotional response by controlling hormone production.
  4. Say goodbye to joint pains, aches, and inflammation with the help of hemp products that act as potent analgesics.
  5. Restrict the soreness and muscle tightness associated with long flights by switching to a cannabis-based regimen. These products work as muscle relaxants, helping prevent aches and injuries.
  6. Since these products act as natural analgesics and anxiolytics, consumers can switch from over-the-counter drugs to them. Not only are they healthier, safer, and more sustainable, but they also produce fewer adverse reactions and side effects.

Final Thoughts

More and more people around the country are incorporating cannabidiol-based products into their daily lives. These products offer various medicinal and therapeutic benefits, acting as natural remedies for pain management and several neurological disorders. Since they are organic, people are more inclined towards them. As a result, thousands of people have to travel with such products since they complement their everyday wellness and health routines. However, before flying anywhere with such products, consumers should research the laws and guidelines of their destination state or country. Doing so will help individuals prevent legal hassles, interruptions, and repercussions by ensuring compliance. Keep these tips in mind the next time you fly out for a vacation to have a good time with your cannabidiol products, keeping all the legal and safety parameters in mind, and you will be good to go. What are your favorite travel hacks when it comes to being on the move with hemp-derived products? Help out fellow cannabidiol enthusiasts by sharing your travel tips in the comments below!





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