Medina Spirit Was Apparently on Steroids While Winning Kentucky Derby
Racing horse in a stable

Medina Spirit won the Kentucky Derby this year. However, reports suggest that the horse was on steroids. The steroids worked like a power enhancer and that led to the win.

The legendary trainer Bob Baffert talked to the news on May 8, confirming the drug report of Medina. He said that there is the existence of Betamethasone which comes under the corticosteroid class of drugs. The trainer describes the technicalities as there were 21 picograms steroid. The steroid reduces inflammation and improves stamina.

The report meant disqualification of the horse. All the horses who participated in the Kentucky Derby got tested, but only Medina Spirit’s report came positive. Apparently, the horse was given steroids to improve his performance. Thus, he wrongly won the race, and the trainer has been charged for this.

Bob Baffert denied the allegation of putting Medina Spirit on steroids

Baffert denied the allegations of making his horse juice up. He said that he did not know what happened suddenly. However, he did not imagine something could go wrong. The confirmation is yet to come as an official statement has not come regarding the split sample. Now there is no option but to wait. He will have to face the consequences if the charges against him are legit.

Legendary trainer Baffert may have to return his winning money

This is not the first time Baffert has involvement in the violation of drugs. It is the fifth time since May 2020 when he had been facing such accusations. However, the sigh of relief for the bettors is that they would not have to return their money. There is a severe situation for Baffert and Medina’s jockey. They would have to surrender the winning money provided their appeal does not stand the ground on proof.

Earlier in 1968, Dancer’s image faced disqualification even after winning due to consumption of steroids. The horse Medina Spirit could face a similar situation.