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Conor McGregor has been taken into custody after allegedly attempting sexual assault in Corsica. He has also been called out for indecent exposure. The man, famed for being a two-weight UFC champion, had been in Corsica, preparing for a voyage. The event was to make people aware of water safety.

Conor McGregor was all set to start his trip from Corsica to Monaco, along with Princess Charlene of Monaco. However, she was forced to withdraw and cancel the event.

The man was arrested after a complaint lodged against him to the police on September 10. The allegation was incident behavior at a bar. 

The prosecutor read out the statement that records the complaint filed against him on Thursday. His act was denounced as sexual assault and exhibition. The man in custody was subject to hearing from the police.

Gregor denied all allegations sent out through his representative. The man said he did not do anything wrong, and the accusations were false. Further, he was interviewed and released.

Gregor was at Corsica for several weeks to prepare for the charitable event. He was also a part of the Tour de France that happened in August, along with Princess and Prince Albert II. Gregor’s fiancé, Dee Devlin, also joined him in the event.

Conor McGregor has been off the scene for a while

Gregor had proposed to his longtime girlfriend during the summers this year. The last time we saw him fight was against Donald Cerrone for 40 seconds in January. He had planned to fight three times this year, but that canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In June 2020, Gregor retired again for the third time in four years. However, he had given hints about his comeback when he was seen in the USADA testing pool and was asked to take a drug test while he was on his yacht worth three million euros.