How to Get Rid of Onion Smell on Hands

Imagine how awkward and embarrassing it would be if your hands smelled like onions. Let’s say you have a big party at your home tonight and are ready with your stunning party dress. But wait, your hands are still giving off a very pungent smell. It is the onions that you used while cooking! You do know how to dress up, but probably do not know how to get rid of onion smell on hands.

It is a very common problem almost everybody faces while cooking. But you must be very careful while dealing with onions. They make you cry and plan to stay with you for a long time if you do not wash your hands immediately. Yes, you read that right. Onion smells are very stubborn and can last on your hands if you do not know how to get rid of onion smell on hands.

Scroll down, read the entire post before entering your kitchen, and start chopping the onions. If you are already struggling with it, hurry up and start reading!

How to Get Rid of Onion Smell on Hands?

It is common to get the stubborn onion smell on your hand while cooking. But you can get rid of them within a minute if you follow any of the following incredible tips:

1. Mix Salt to Your Soap

Please stop washing your hands with your regular soap repeatedly. Onion smells are way more stubborn than your regular fragrant soap. If you think soap is the ultimate solution to your ‘how to get rid of onion smell on hands’ problem, you are absolutely wrong. Your regular soap or hand wash will only dry up your hands.


So, what is the solution? The solution is right in front of you, the mighty salt. Add one teaspoon of salt and baking soda to your regular soap or liquid hand wash. Make a mixture and then coat them on your hands. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds before washing them with cold water. You can also use your dishwashing liquid to wash your hand. Please remember that you are scrubbing salt into your hands. Scrub gently to avoid irritation. 

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2. Miracle of Mouthwash and Toothpaste

Did you know that you could find your solution in your bathroom? After you are done with your cooking, rush to your bathroom cabinet. Squeeze out a little toothpaste on your palm, and then pour a little bit of mouthwash. Mix them and rub them in your hands. Continue rubbing for 30 seconds and wash them with normal water. Your hands are clean and fresh.

How to Get Rid of Onion Smell on Hands

Mouthwash contains alcohol and reacts chemically with the sulfur components of onions. It dissolves the sulphuric components and releases the odor from your hands. Still hard to believe? Try it out now! Who knew mouthwash could be a hand wash too?

3. Squeeze Some Lemons

You do not have to walk on eggshells to remove the pungent onion smell from your hands. It is right in front of your salad dressing. While you cut lemons to squeeze juice into your salad, take one of them aside. Take a piece and start rubbing them against your palms and the upper surface. Continue rubbing it until all the lemon juice gets absorbed in your hands. Please wait for a minute and wash them with normal water. Lemons have citric acid that dissolves the sulfur in onions. 


You can also use lukewarm water and add a few drops of lemon juice. Soak your hands for a minute and wash them with water. Put some moisturizer immediately. However, do not use this trick if you have even a minor cut or scratch on your hand. Otherwise, it will sting badly. 

4. Scrub Your Hands with Coffee Beans

Those coffee beans in your kitchen cabinet can do much more than add caffeine to your body. You wonder, what else? Well, it can be one of the quick solutions to your ‘how to get rid of onion smell on hands’menace.

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How to Get Rid of Onion Smell on Hands

Take a very small amount of coffee grains and rub them in your hands for at least half a minute. You can also use grounded coffee beans for the same purpose. Please ensure that they are coarse and perfect for scrubbing. Wash your hands with running water and smell the magic. Where is the oniony smell now? Gone! 

You can use a bit of yogurt to soften your hands. 

5. Who Knew Stainless Steel could be So Versatile?

Do not worry if you do not have lemons, coffee beans, or even mouthwash in your home. You can still get rid of the onion smell from your hands easily in under a minute. If you have sensitive skin, please avoid scrubbing salt too. 

stainless steel

Then what should you do to eliminate the oniony smell? You must have a steel utensil at your home. Grab a stainless steel spoon and start massaging your hands with it. Stainless steel clings with the Sulphur molecules of onions and remove them from your hand effectively. Please make sure that you are rubbing your hand under the running water. Otherwise, it will not work effectively. The running water will drain the molecules off the spoon. You can take anything made of stainless steel. 

6. Prevention is Better Than…

Who does not know this age-old proverb? You might think that since it is impossible to cook certain dishes without onions, this point is unnecessary. Wait a second and read. What if you do not touch the onion and still get to use them? 

Keep a pair of gloves in your kitchen. Wear them every time you chop onions or any other smelly things. You will not get those pungent smells ever again. If you do not like wearing gloves while cooking, buy a small chopping machine instead. They will do the job as effectively as you do with your knives. 


In short, you do not have to scratch your hair or move to a beauty parlor to remove the oniony smells from your hand. If you know how to get rid of onion smell on hands, you can handle it at home within a minute. Moreover, it will save you the money you are going to the parlor for the same cause.


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