FIFA announces schedules for world cup 2020 in Qatar

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FIFA announces schedules for world cup 2020 in Qatar let us dig in and discuss the details. This announcement has made all the football fans excited all across the globe. The kick-off tournament will be at Al Bayt Stadium. On 15th July 2020, when France lifted the FIFA world cup 2018 at Luzhniki Stadium. Exactly after the two years of the previous world cup final match, FIFA announced the schedules for World Cup 2022. However, the announcement made by FIFA is well planned. The schedules are planned in considering all the aspects of the players and football fans.

FIFA World Cup Schedule 2022

The Al Bayt Stadium having a capacity of 60,000 people will be the stage for the hosts Qatar to kick off the tournament. The kick-off will be on 21 November 2022 at the local time at 13:00. The time set for the local kick-off for group matches is as respective; 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, and 22:00. The play-off for the third place will be at Khalifa International Stadium on 17th December. And also, the final kick-off will be at Lusail Stadium on December 18. which is having a stadium capacity of 80,000 people.

Al Bayt Stadium
Al Bayt Stadium, source:

Let’s see how FIFA schedules for world cup 2022 in Qatar. It is clear with 4 matches to play daily. There are around 8 stadiums spread across in Qatar, in which four matches daily for 12 days will be held. In the consideration of providing all teams and players with sufficient rest between their matches, FIFA had fixed its schedules accordingly. 

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The convenience and comfort of the players are taken considered. And also, as per the schedule, the group stage matches will last 12 days. FIFA promises an interesting and exciting schedule for all the football fans. The schedules are fixed in such a way that no air travel will be required to move between the venues. FIFA announcement schedules for World Cup 2022 in Qatar had ensures the specific comforts for the organizers, media, players, and fans. The group pairings will be known after the world cup qualifying match, scheduled in march 2022.

Soon after the group matches, the tournament will jump into the last 16. In which two matches per day will be conducted. Moreover, soon after the last 16 matches by providing specific intervals the quarter and semi-finals will be held by FIFA. In addition, All the stadiums are located in a specific radius which makes travel convenient for the team and fans. However, the climate will be moderate during this period, which makes the tournament for comfortable. Also, considering the venue distance and climate it enables the fans to get an opportunity to watch two matches daily during group stages. So undoubtedly, this time FIFA taken considered almost all the basic issues that can be faced by the players and fans.


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Tickets and More

The official announcement of the World Cup schedule 2022 must have made all the football fans to the excitement. In this context, FIFA added that by year-end 2020 the tickets booking will get started. Moreover, the detailed informations regarding the availability of the tickets are available on the FIFA web site.

However, FIFA announcement schedules for World Cup 2022 had made all fans excitement at its peak. All the football fans across the globe are eagerly waiting for the FIFA World Cup 2022.



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