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Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs coach, finally commented on his son’s car crash. He said after the Super Bowl that his heart goes out to the five-year-old child. His son was drunk driving. The car crashed and injured many, including a child, fatally.


Andy Reid said that he didn’t get an opportunity to comment on the accident since it took place. He feels sorry for all the victims, especially for the five-year-old little child. The little kid’s condition is critical.


It is a sensitive situation for the head coach of the Chiefs. His legal advisor has asked him not to comment on the unfortunate event. He said that as a human, he is very concerned about the victims. There’s no new information about the five-year-old child whom Britt Reid injured in the accident.


Son of Andy Reid leaves five-year-old critical


The child’s name is Ariel, and a GoFundMe has been initiated for her treatment. The child’s family said that she is suffering from internal bleeding, swelling, and severe brain damage. The aunt of the child posted a picture of her lying on the hospital bed with a ventilator. The girl has not come to her senses yet after the accident.


Ariel’s mother has brought up her with her other two kids as a single parent. They will spend the raised money to meet the medical expenses of Ariel. Her mother is also missing her work. So they need to cover that money too. The goal is to raise $45k. Now it is halfway to reach the expected amount of money.


Britt Reid agreed about consuming alcohol while driving his car


Britt Reid, the assistant coach of Kansas City Chiefs, accepted that he took Rx medication and alcohol before the accident. It was a three-car crash on Thursday night. As a result of it, now a little kid is fighting for her life.


KCTV reported that officers said that Andy Reid’s 35-year-old son was drunk during the accident. His eyes were bloodshot after the devastating accident took place.


Reid confessed in the warrant that he consumed 2-3 drinks that evening. He had Adderall, too, a prescribed drug.


Police have taken four vials of Britt Reid’s blood samples to investigate his blood’s alcohol level during the accident. Reid performed terribly in the sobriety tests too.


The accident took place near Arrowhead Stadium at around 9 PM. Britt Reid was in a pickup truck, which he crashed with two other cars. Those were parked at the side of the I-435 highway.


The gas had finished for one car. So the other vehicle was assisting it, and suddenly Reid’s car slammed them. There was a five-year-old girl who was in one of the cars faced severe injuries. She is now in the hospital fighting for her life.

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There was also another child of age four, but fortunately, he did not suffer significant injuries.


Kansas City Chiefs did not comment on the accident


K.C. Chiefs stated that they have heard about the accident happening. Their assistant coach’s involvement was unfortunate. They were going to gather further information on this and restrain themselves from commenting. The team management extends their prayers to the victims.


The Chiefs are preparing to face the Tampa Bay Bucs in the coming match on Sunday of the Super Bowl League.


Britt Reid will be absent from next the Super Bowl match


Chiefs’ Outside Linebackers Coach Britt Reid may not travel to Sunday’s game, as The Chicago Sun-Times reported. This is not the first time as Britt Reid served in jail before also in 2007. The Philadelphia Inquirer said that He had several allegations like a truck crashing in the parking lot, road rage nuisance.


Andy Reid’s oldest Garrett abused drugs and died due to an overdose


The oldest son of Andy Reid and Garrett also abused drugs. He served in jail for 23 months due to a crash in 2007. Garrett consumed heroin while driving.


Garrett fought with substance abuse for many years. He died in the 

Philadelphia Eagles training camp due to overdose of heroin in 2012. Andy Reid was the coach of the Eagles at that time.


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