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U.S. negates a major defeat, edge Turkey 93-92 in World Championship

As per the last report, Turkey suffers a marginal loss of 93-92 in the Basketball WC against the United States. This seems to be an inch closer victory for the United States. For the Turkish boys, it’s really very heartbreaking since they are on the verge of registering their first win ever against the Basketball giants.

However, it is needless to mention that they missed some really good sitters. There are ample chances for them during overtime. In the final minutes, they missed four back to back free shots. But the US took this prime opportunity. Khris Middleton converts two for their time just a few seconds before the final whistle.


Kimba Walker leads the U.S with 20 points while Joe Harris and Jayson Tatum contributed 16 points to the final total. Veteran sportsman from NBA Eraan Ilyasova did some cameo for Turkey by adding 26 points and along with 14 rebounds. 

Furkan Korzman scored 16 points along with Melih Mahmutoglu adding 13 to the team’s total. It’s been a dream run for the United States so far. It is their 54 wins at a stretch and special thanks go to Khris Middleton with a valuable addition of 15 points. However, it is due to the reluctant play of Turkish boys that puts the U.S on the driver’s seat. Ersan Ilyasova missed a buzzer that paved the way for U.S victory and now they are a step forward to make its way into the next round.

Although Ilyasova led Turkey with 15 points but fall short. This victory seems to be a second-round berth for the U.S team, but happened only when Osman and Dogus Balbey makes it 0-4 with Turkey was one point up before the final seconds.

Now it’s time for the US to continue this winning streak in the next round.

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