Tom Brady

In the last 20 years, you have seen Tom Brady in the same shades throughout his career. You will now see Tom Brady in different shades for the first time in ages as he dons the Buccaneers colors.

Tom Brady Buccaneers shoot was held recently and you can see him in pewter, red and white color tones. The latest photoshoot was supposed to give you a tease on how Tom looks in Buccaneers jersey.

You may still be in disbelief that Tom Brady, the famous quarterback has joined the Buccaneers. However, based on his latest photoshoot you’ll have to accept this reality. In fact, you’ll also have to admit that he looks good in Buccaneers colors.

As a Brady fan, you must have gotten an idea of how he looks as Buccaneers during his signing. Five versions of his new jersey are amongst the top 10 selling jerseys in the NFL Shop. These jerseys went up just last month and you can get them too since they’re already famous. You could be a Brady fan or a Buccaneers fan, there is something for everyone in these jerseys. That’s what has made the pewter, white and red versions of the jersey so popular.

The photoshoot

The photoshoot gives you a preview on how the jersey looks on Brady. You can see him photographed in all three jerseys and different poses. No doubt that you will agree with the popular opinion that the pewter one looks best. You can see in stellar poses with the football while donning the Buccaneers jersey.

The Jerseys

Even though it looks stellar, Tom Brady can only wear the pewter jersey three times this season. All the fans love the pewter jersey with the white numbers and red outline. The white jersey with red numbers and a black outline is a great combination too. The red jersey is the home jersey for the Buccaneers and has white numbers with an orange outline. As a fan, you will realize that the photoshoot is just a glimpse of what is to come. You can see Tom Brady in all the jerseys he will be wearing throughout the season.

Brady with his stellar tan looks football ready in all three jerseys. He has hit Tampa running and is already practicing for the season. Despite not being a local, he has quickly made Tampa his home and adapted to the Florida weather. Tom Brady is now a Buccaneers through and through and looks at ease in his new jerseys. Soon, it will be hard for you to imagine him in any other colors but the Buccaneers colors.

Final Thoughts

As a Brady fan, you need to accept that Tom Brady is now into the Buccaneers. The photoshoot is an official reveal of how you will be seeing Tom Brady throughout the season. Make sure that you buy the new jerseys before the next season. This will allow you to support Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in their own colors!