Mikhail Shivlyakov

Mikhail Shivlyakov creates a world record, breaking the master’s record in the deadlift in Feats of Strength. It was his second attempt at breaking it. The first of his attempts were not successful. He was competing with Terry Hollands then in season 1 in June.

Russia’s strongman got his foot established for this second time in the series, withholding 436 kg, i.e., 962 pounds weight in a deadlift, which is now a world record.

Mikhail Shivlyakov sets world record in the second attempt

The deadlift of the Russian weightlifter was a doubleheader. Season 2 of the strongman series took place online this year, streaming live on the YouTube channel of Rogue Fitness and also on CoreSports. Hafthor Bjornsson, who holds the current world record in deadlift, was in the commentary box with Laurence Shahlaei and Mark Boyd.

Mikhail Shivlyakov said that he had been longing for this achievement and worked towards it. It was his home in Russia from where he performed his record-breaking deadlift. 

The survival forces soldier did a warm uplift with 410 kg, i.e., 904 pounds. The only warm uplift aired was that lift that day. He faced nose bleeding after finishing his lift in 2019 at the Arnold Sports Festival.

Zydrunas Savickas judged the contest

The competition’s judge for the Russian strongman attempt was Zydrunas Savickas. He had also judged in the 502 kg category attempt. Though Mikhail struggled slightly with verified 436 kg weight, he could complete the lookout after 10 seconds. He was shaking after the bar reached his knees. His nose was bleeding on the first try earlier. Volunteers and helpers helped him to recover.

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Mikhail Shivlyakov next goal in the 2020 strongest Man tournament

The Russian strongman felt satisfied, as he said after recovering after performing the lift.

The second attempt’s preparation was much more challenging than before, and that paid him off well in the series.

Mikhail Shivlyakov’s goal is the 2020 tournament of the world’s strongest Man, which will be in November.


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