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The Cleveland Browns will be missing Austin Hooper in today’s match against the Cincinnati Bengals. Hooper is going through surgery due to the appendix currently, and his return is unclear as of now. It will not be surprising if the man misses more games and not just today’s match against the Bengals.

Austin Hooper to undergo appendix surgery

The head coach of the team, Kevin Stefanski, revealed this news last week and also put it up on the website. He said that Hooper will not practice as of now and initially said that he was going through an illness. Later, he explained that the diagnosis suggests appendicitis. The coach also said that he doesn’t expect Hooper to be out of games for a long time. However, the Browns could be without him till November 8. However, it will depend on what type of severity the man is going through.

According to the website of Johns Hopkins Medicine, there are two ways to remove appendix; first, an open appendectomy or the less invasive laparoscope appendectomy. During the recovery period, patients need to keep the incision dry and clean. The incision area and abdomen will ache, especially if he stands for a long time. He is also supposed to avoid tiring activities like practices.

Austin Hooper has an excellent sportsman spirit and is in good shape as he is handling it well. Taking rest will work in his favor, and he might soon be back for the games within a week or two.

Luckily the team has depth with newbie Harrison Bryant. It is also good that they didn’t trade David Njoku for the seventh-round draft pick. There are just two games until the bye week. We hope Hooper will be able to join back soon and help his team through the second half of the season.

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