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Alex Peroni, F3 driver incredibly walks away from a ‘horrific’ crash

A horrific crash involved the 19-year-old Alex Peroni F3 driver on Saturday, which was ahead of the qualifying race for the Italian Grand Prix. Peroni hit the stone on the Monza track and took the flight in the air, flipping twice, then landing vertically on the fence. 

However, Peroni walked away from this horrifying incident miraculously. Though he was injured and fractured himself in the vertebrae and concussion in this terrific accident, here on Saturday.

The incident happened when his car hit the ‘Sausage Kerb’ at the Parabolica Corner, Peroni managed to climb and walk away when the car took flight in the air and swirled. The race was happening in the Monza circuit.

Formula 3 said in a tweet that they are feeling extremely relieved that Peroni was able to walk away in Race 1 at Monza and he is undergoing all the medical checkups and treatments. 

Alex Peroni also tweeted that this was a big one and he’s currently in the hospital getting treatment for broken vertebrae. He added that he’s not sure how much time will he be fully recovered but he’s hoping to get back in the car soon.

That same Kerb was removed by the management before the qualifying and free practice race. The incident occurred just a week ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix crash, where Anthoine Hubert died on the track in a car accident where he was driving in the Formula 2 race.

Hubert was only 22. He crashed then the 2 other cars, which were driven by Juan Manuel Correa and Giuliano Alesi, piled up on his car. The crash was so severe that Correa’s legs were exposed because the nose of his car got totally destroyed. 

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