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Tim Paine Provides Updates On Steve Smiths Brutal On Ground Injury

After the massive on-ground injury that  Steve Smith took, Tim Paine admits that Australia will have to come up with a better play plan, and will possibly have to implement it without  Steve Smith in the picture. 

Australia’s leading run maker is sure to be left out of the Third Specsavers Ashes Test at Headingley on Thursday after he was diagnosed with a delayed concussion. 

The rising tension from the ongoing game between England and Australia was held in a nail-biting situation. Smith’s biggest concern was to take on the four final wickets, within the limited-overs that were there. 

But all sports concern gave way to as bigger trouble when Smith was knocked down by a 92mph bouncer from Archer. Though he recovered from the shock initially, due to headaches and “grogginess”, the player is not being made a part of the Third Specsavers Ashes Test. 

To make things worse, both Paine and Smith admit that owing to the latter’s physical condition at the given moment, playing on Leeds is sure to fail. 

According to Paine, Smith needs to improve, and that can only happen with time and proper rest. 

As per Cricket Australia’s concussion protocol, a player must rest for 24 hours after diagnosis and then resume training. But Smith’s condition at the given moment does not seem very hopeful. 

Though things took a terrible turn for Smith, Archer is not being dragged into a nasty blame-game. Both the parties seem to admit that it was a sport’s accident and in that light, Archer will be partaking in the series moving forward. 

Though at the given moment things will be proceeding without Smith in the game, we wish him a speedy recovery. He indeed has a lot of cricket left in him and he is sure to come back with a bang with his bat swinging!

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