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Becky Lynch Compares Sasha Banks And Bayley To Two Game Of Thrones Characters And It’s Hilarious

Becky Lynch created pandemonium on social media through a hilarious comparison between Sasha Banks and Bayley with Game of Thrones characters. This has taken a troll on Instagram viewers and newsfeed getting overloaded with comments and shares as reported yesterday.

This night on RAW saw the confirmation was made between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks for their one-on-one fight for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions. But the highlights came later. After Becky and Bayley’s team gets disqualified, by making a certain attack, Sasha was taken over by her bestie.

She hit Lynch with a strong steel chair. Finally, they aligned together and Bayley turned the heel. 

On SmackDown, another situation takes place. Bayley came out on the ring and half-heartedly portray her in front of the crowd. At that moment, Charlotte Flair pops up into the rung and gave Bayley a tight punch. It is to be noted that she will be facing Bayley at the Clash of Champions for WWE SmackDown Title. But at that Sasha came to the rescue and the 2-1 power seems to overpower Charlotte and hit her real hard with a steel chair.

After this incident, Becky wrote on the Instagram wall about the indirect response of Banks and Bayley’s action. Humorously, she created a beautiful collage of Sasha and Bayley and compared them with GOT characters. The duo is similar to Ramsay Bolton and Theon Greyjoy of Game Of Thrones. 

To all the GOT fans out there, you must be knowing that Becky is compared to the friendship of the bestie that is Ramsay and Theon’s relationship is farcical simultaneously.

We are all waiting if Becky and Charlotte forget their previous hostility and reconcile with Sasha and Bayley. This Four Horsewoman show on SmackDown is worthwhile and definitely a matter of concern for the larger audience to look forward to in the future. But a WrestleMania show is felicitous.

Therefore, are you interested in further action and want to know more about the inside story. We will bring you more such hilarious acts of WWE. So stay tuned for further updates.

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