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We Built the Most Average Team in Baseball

There are millions of baseball fans all around the world. For some people, baseball is not just a sport, it is more than that.

With so much craze of baseball going on, different innovative and fun ideas keep on floating here and there. There are many applications and websites where you can make your favorite team of players without any real life restrictions. But can we also make an average team as well?

We can build the most average team in baseball. It is simple. A person needs to make use of facts and figures in order to do so.

In any average team, there are average performing players. It is important to figure out such a team.

It can be done by first finding the mediocre real-life team. There are some factors that help in doing so, such as win-loss record, runs scored and allowed per game, run differential and On-base percentage and slugging percentage, for and against

On the scale of these factors, the most average baseball club is The New York Mets.

To calculate how close a player is to MLB average, use wins above replacement factor. Through this, it can be easily found out that the players of Mets such as Todd Frazier, J.D. Davis, Amed Rosario, Dominic Smith, Wilson Ramos are all average players. However, the most average players of all time are Russell Martin, followed by Cincinnati Reds reliever Raisel Iglesias.

There is a detailed way through which the most average team can be built. It is available on the internet. Using that information in beneficial not even for the fun factor, but it can be used to find out the negative factors that can affect a player’s performance.

This activity is in no manner intended to offend anybody. In fact, no matter which is average and which are not. Every player does its best.

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