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Could Steph Curry Become The Next Major Brand In The Golf World?

Steph Curry is a renowned name of the NBA. The basketball star has won three NBA championships and two times NBA MVP. 

But quite recently, his name is more highlighted with the Golf.  It is due to his keen interest in the world of Golf. He is doing something after the other in this field.

He has done something worth-mentioning. He has donated funds for the Howards University Golf team. The amount is good enough to take care of the needs of both men’s and women’s for the next six years. 

The funds will resurrect the dormant golf program at Howard University. It will establish the Division I women’s and men’s teams for the 2020-21 academic year.

Apart from the fund donation, the university will be provided clubs and equipment from Curry’s partner Callaway Golf. 

The 31-year-old Curry is trying his best to support golf in every possible way. He is also seen on the television screens on his show Holey Moley in which amateur mini golfers participate to win prizes and Curry adds entertainment quotient by getting featured time-to-time.

Not only this, Curry announced the launch of his golf collection with Under Armour a few weeks ago. The collection is titled as Range Unlimited.

It would not be wrong to say that Curry is establishing a brand in the world of Golf. It is a smart move from an entrepreneurial end. He is taking all the right steps at the peak of his career. He is branching out in the field he is interested in.

No matter how small or the big contribution he does, he is certainly going to grab attention. This will help him to establish his brand. It is expected that he will participate in other activities in the coming time. It will be fun to see how things will shape up for him in the world of Golf.

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