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NFL posts publicly on the Black Lives Matter movement, which had led to Friday’s commissioner Roger Goodell condemnation of racism and an unfair confession video.
Bryndon Minter was not sure if the holy receiver Michael Thomas even read the message. Moreover, I knew I could get it out. He continued anyway. Minter wrote. “I am an NFL social worker, and I am ashamed that the League is silent this week. The NFL has not condemned racism. The NFL has not said that Black Lives Matter.

The Statement issued by Roger Goodell:-

Roger Goodell released his most emphatic Statement about the Black Lives Matter movement

on Friday. “I want to help push it.” And you’re connected to a video that shows your voice and [what] you want from the League. If you have an interest in working together, give me a colleague, thanks, brother! ”

In 15 minutes, Thomas replied. Twenty-four hours later, he and other prominent black NFL players posted a powerful video. In another 24 hours, millions of people saw it, and the League’s relationship with social injustice had changed forever.

On Friday morning, NFL teams called up a company-wide city council through Zoom. Moreover, in earlier days, some others were “upset” and “over the top,” says Nick Toney, another social media employee. In the virtual town hall, the brave employees shared emotional stories.
“People were crying,” says Tony. “They were upset. Even had prepared statements. People revealed that they had not slept any longer than this. People were asking straightforward questions.”

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Goodell answered those questions, then later in the day he took his camera from the basement.

“We, the NFL, condemn racism and the systematic oppression of blacks,” Goodell said, as the players demanded. We, the NFL, consider Black Lives Matter. ”

‘That’s what led me to become a rogue. Public change, in fact, began in 2016 with employee frustration. When Kaepernick first knelt to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Also, After this Tony says that “sometimes he was crazy and scary”.Also, Internally, some employees were unhappy with the league’s response. Ben wanted the league to publicly acknowledge and support Kaepernick’s opposition issues. The league did not.

However, Almost four years later, following the death of George Floyd, these subjects were born again and then got totally viral. Furthermore, In deep conversation, social workers dreamed of their ideal NFL response. Admitting it was a “dumb mistake,” he coined strong, pointed statements, the way he expected the league to continue. Besides, Then last Saturday, I was suppose to send a shipment over the current one, which Minter says “we thought was empty.”

On Monday, they were still posting highlights, as usual against their wishes about the business. The crisis spread in private discussions. Employees expressed concern at the meetings. Those who spoke received boring messages of support from colleagues they did not know.

“The sentiment was very unanimous,” says Minter. 

Instead, they receive promises but nothing “actionable”. On Wednesday night, he issued the standard protocol for NFL video producers and contacted Thomas directly. Besides, They had no personal connection, but Thomas was immediately on board. Thomas commissioned Minter to prepare a script that the players could read on camera. Also, Minter went for a walk and called Tony. Tony’s first thought shot. Then he realizes: For days, we were talking to each other about what we want, what the NFL would say. What if the players asked the league to say this?