Richardson Missed Her Chance at Olympics Due to Marijuana Test

American Track sensation Sha’Carri Richardson missed his chance for running in the 100-meter run in the Olympics as his marijuana test result came positive.

Richardson conquested the 100-meter dash at the Olympics in 10.86 seconds in 2019. She spoke about her suspension on “Today.” She failed a drug test of marijuana and kept her aside for upcoming Olympics trials. Former Oregon Sprinter and Clovis star Jenna Prandini hope to be a promising runner and Richardson’s mark in the Olympics.

Richardson suspended from the Olympics

Richardson’s suspension order will end on July 27. The women’s relays for 4X100 meters commences at that time. The planings of relays yet not relieved by the USA Sprinter. Sha’Carri was hoping to compete with Shelly-Ann Fraser, Jamaican runner, in a highly awaited track meet of the Olympics.

The USA track and field community released its roster on Tuesday. The THC test result goes against the 21 years old sprinter.

Richardson posted a tweet as this news circulated widely. She said that she is human. Despite knowing the game’s rules, she was trying to cope with her biological mother’s passing away. She also stated that she could not hide, so she tried to escape from her pain in another way.

The pressure for trial preparation and the void of her mother led her to this decision. She accepted being emotional and triggering disobedience.

The norms and standards of Olympic games loosened on marijuana users. The suspension period lowered down to 3 months from 2 years. Richardson was obeying a one-month suspension as she visited a counselor.

Later on, in the 2012 Olympics, International rules loosened up, increasing the threshold to look upon the athletes, those who consume it just before the game.

The test will be positive on uses of 15 monograms/ milliliter to 150ng/m. The committee simplified the regulations that the test will be valid for the participants only in the time of competition use, not for use before or after the competition.

Is Marijuana a performance enhancer for sports?

USATF stated they must maintain the rule for every Olympics visioner irrespective of consequences from the drug.

This incident swirled instantly into large wrangles about the effectiveness of marijuana for enhancing the performance during the game. Professional leagues, including the NFL, NBA, and NHL, have reduced the rules of implementing marijuana, but Olympics boards are strictly restricted and continue to test in some circumstances.

U.S Combat-Doping organization stated on their social platforms that all neuropeptides or cannabinoids are banned in the championship. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the only derivative that is permissible for medical welfare.

Though USATF does send her on the relay list, she stated that she would be extremely grateful for the time she would like to give attention to herself. US president Joe Biden has given his compliment on how she tackled her ban by saying that rules were the rules.

Charges on Richardson not severe

Richardson is one of the top doping embarrassments to the U.S running team.

There are a few names that were also banned due to doping-related issues for the past few years. Christian Coleman, renowned titleholder at a 100-meter run, was suspended for lost tests.

Champion runner for 1500 meters and 5000 meters, Shelby Houlihan, examined and got positive for taking performance booster though she put up blame on her Mexican dish(burrito).

Brianna McNeal, 100-meter hurdle unbeaten, is serving a 5 years suspension for messing around the examination process for a drug test initiated by the sports court of adjudication.

In a statement, Richardson Stated that to face the outer world and cover her grief, she was able to manage herself because this was a horrible and new experience for her to manage or put herself through. Though USATF also stated sympathetically that it was a regrettable and damaging situation for her.

Richardson ran with her orange hair and long fingernails at her trials. She also promised that she would be the next world champion.