Javed Miandad, former Pakistan captain, urged ICC to stop the teams from touring India given the protests going on in India related to Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). He urges ICC to cut all ties with India and give them the same punishment which was given to Pakistan when a terrorist group attacked a van carrying Sri Lankan players in 2009.

A video uploaded o PakPassion.com features Javed Miandad asking ICC to boycott India taking note of what is happening there. He also said that not Pakistan but India is an unsafe country for a tourist or anybody. He wants the sportspersons to stand up and condemn India. The whole world is watching and talking about what is going on in India. He claimed that he is speaking on behalf of Pakistan to suspend sporting ties with India. All countries should take action.

ICC must stop worldwide cricket in India, unsafe nation syas Javed Miandad

Miandad is not the first to take on India. PCB chief Ehsan Mani also made a statement saying that Pakistan is safer than India and the security arrangements of India cannot be trusted. He said that successful Sri Lanka Test series is proof that Pakistan is safe and that India is a greater security risk than Pakistan. He also said the security in Pakistan should not be doubted on. The fans and media have played a major role in spreading the positive image of Pakistan worldwide.

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) took note of Ehsan’s statement and said that it was an inappropriate comment. Arun Dhumal, treasurer for BCCI, said that for a person who stays mostly in London should not make inappropriate comments about security in India. Further, he should also not speak about security in Pakistan because he does not stay there as well. Dhumal further said that if he spends more time in Pakistan then he would get a better idea about the real situation there.

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