Millions of people across the world enjoy online sports betting daily. Gambling is one of the fastest-growing business sectors, turning over billions of dollars every year. Sportsbook betting can be exciting, fast-paced, dramatic, and enjoyable. But it also has the potential to be cruel. Sports betting – just like professional sports – is sometimes an unforgiving industry. No favors are asked or given. 

If you plan to place a bet on your favorite sports competition, such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, or the English Premier League, you must understand and follow the strict rules. The more you know about betting, such as how to bet on sports in California – the more chance you will have of backing a winner and making a profit. It should be viewed as something other than a quick-fix or get-rich-quick scheme. 

The most successful bookies didn’t get to the top by giving away free cash, that’s for sure. They will make you work for a profit. But there are many things you can do as a bettor to help level the playing field.

Hard work and dedication

Only the most hard-working and patient bettors make a living from gambling. Betting provides many users an escape and a chance to boost their balance by targeting a winner at big odds. You can wager from the comfort of your home using a desktop computer, at a land-based bookmaker located at the sports stadium, or even on the move using a modern, user-friendly, and stylish smartphone app. 

Looking for a unique betting experience that’ll create lasting memories? You could always go all-out and visit the home of gambling, Las Vegas. You’ve seen it in movies like Casino, and you could sample betting in Sin City for yourself. If you did choose to visit Vegas, you’d find thousands of like-minded sports fans in the casinos and betting lounges that litter the strip. Betting in Vegas is big business.

But is gambling universally accepted? Can you download a legal betting app and take it overseas on business or vacation? At times, there are more questions than answers concerning online gambling. This uncertainty puts many people off trying online gambling, and that’s a shame. It’s something our writers are working hard to fix. That’s why we use our expertise to help keep readers up to speed in an ever-changing industry. Stick with us, and you won’t miss a thing.

Your questions answered

Our team brings readers the latest and most reliable information, news on the legality of betting in your city, and sports betting predictions from a collection of industry insiders, ex-professional sportspeople, and some of the best online sports writers. That’s why we attract thousands of fresh faces to our sites every month. And that number continues to grow.

Betting on sports and casinos while moving around the United States or abroad is a sensitive subject. Not every nation shares our passion for betting, with many dishing out harsh punishments to anyone attempting to place a wager. Could you imagine relaxing on a sun lounger in a foreign country, sipping a cocktail, and attempting to pass the time by betting on an NFL fixture, only to be dragged in for questioning by the local police? 

That could pose a bigger danger than simply ruining your day in the sun. And that’s why we have put together this handy guide to betting on sports while traveling. We have organized the article into a handy, frequently asked questions format. We did this to make finding the subject that best suits your situation easier. It also means you can bookmark this page and refer back any time you require additional guidance on gambling.

Betting on sports in the US

This section of our article on sportsbook gambling when traveling concentrates on movement around the United States. The information here is correct at the time of writing, but please remember that the online gambling sector doesn’t stand still.

Is betting legal in my state?

In 2018, the long-running ban on betting in the United States was lifted nationally. This historic move allowed each state to create its rules regarding online betting. They were handed a decision to make; stick to the old ways, remain anti-betting, or open their arms and welcome the gambling world.


The chance to tax bookies for the pleasure of trading in its region proved too big a pull for many states, including California. Others sat on the fence and will wait another year or so, monitoring the industry, before making their decision. Betting is currently legal in many states but remains illegal in others. Check local laws before traveling or attempting to place a bet.

Can I wager on College Football?

In many states, you can only wager on professional sports, such as the NFL and the NBA. That means gambling and collegiate teams aren’t permitted. The measure protects young players while limiting the risk of match-fixing.

Can I bet on Trump being the next president?

Few states allow registered members to place bets on markets relating to politics. Governors imposed the rule before they put pen to paper on the gambling bill. Please be careful if you are looking to bet on the next president. You’ll find the latest terms and conditions on your bookie’s app and website.

How do I get a free bet?

If gambling is legal in your state or a state you are visiting, the biggest bookies will offer you a welcome bonus. The promotion is used to attract new players to one betting app over the competition in a crowded market.

Do bookies accept Bitcoin?

The best bookies allow members to pay for their bets in many ways, including debit cards, e-wallets, and even crypto. Check if your chosen bookie accepts Bitcoin before registering.

Betting on sports in the UK

If you plan to visit the United Kingdom and soak up the island’s passion for sports like soccer, rugby and boxing, this is the section that you should concentrate on before making any plans.

Is betting legal in England?

Betting is legal across England for all residents and visitors aged 18 and above. You can gamble online or at one of the many land-based bookies that litter the high streets of major cities like London. Walk in and place a bet. As easy as pie.

Can I place a bet in Scotland?

Betting is legal for everyone who meets the legal age for gambling across the United Kingdom. The rules stay the same when crossing the border between Scotland, England, and Wales or traveling to Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, an EU territory.

Will my winnings be paid in dollars or pounds?

You can change the currency you bet in with the touch of a button. Deposit, withdraw, and bet in GBP, USD, Euro, or any of the many options on your betting app.

Is betting permitted at the stadium?

Visit Wembley, Lords, Ibrox, the Millenium Stadium, or any of the UK’s major sporting venues, and you’ll find at least one on-site betting office. There you can place bets, check results and collect winnings.

Which soccer markets are best to try?

The leading bookies in the United Kingdom offer more than 100 pre-match and in-play betting markets on sports. The most popular is the match-winner, but there are many more, such as handicaps, totals, spreads, parlays, and more. We are confident you’ll be impressed by what you find.

Betting on sports worldwide

When you’re after a one-size-fits-all approach to sports betting, you’ll quickly realize it doesn’t exist. But this section provides valuable information on keeping safe and on the right side of the law when betting in foreign countries.

How do I stay safe when betting overseas?

There’s a great trick for ensuring you follow the betting laws in foreign countries, and it can also be used when betting across the US.

Enable geolocation services on your handset, which will automatically pinpoint your location worldwide and provide the most up-to-date betting rules. If gambling is illegal in a state or country, no bets will be accepted through your app at that time.

What are the penalties for illegal gambling?

Some are more severe than others. Trust us; even if you have a sure-fire winner, it’s not worth breaking the law and finding out how much the local authorities disagree. Is a profit worth jail time overseas? We don’t think so, either. When enjoying international travel, please adhere to the gambling laws in each region.

Will the rules change anytime soon?

Current international gambling laws seem quite strict, but we recall just how quickly things moved in the United States. Despite covid delaying things, it didn’t take long for change to sweep the nation, and you never know what is around the corner.

With the United States and Canada easing their restrictions on betting, it could lead to other countries following a similar path. We will keep our readers updated on every rule and law worth knowing to ensure you can enjoy betting with complete peace of mind.