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eddie hall accepts thor's boxing challenge

Eddie Hall Accepts Thor’s Boxing Challenge Presented by CoreSports

Hafthor Bjornsson or ‘The Mountain’ from game thrones recently broke the world record for the world’s heaviest deadlift. This record was previously held by Eddie Hall. The one-minute video where he broke the record was posted on his YouTube...

Sport v/s COVID-19: How Harshly Has COVID-19 Affected The Following Sport Fields?

Sport is the sweetest when there be no spectators! Here are some of the sports fields that have been adversely affected due to COVID-19. Will they be able to cope-up?Rugby Jonny Petrie declares that Ulster Rugby will return! Jonny Petrie is...
Surge Of Celebrity Boxing Fights

The Surge Of Celebrity Boxing Fights

It’s no stretch to say that boxing had moved passed it’s golden age of 80’s heavyweights and all the fame that came with them, but recently there has been a resurgence in the scene with some big names bringing...


UFC news: Micheal Prazeres recieves two year USADA suspension for anti-doping...

UFC veteran Michel Prazelez has been banned by the USADA for two years and will not be allowed to return to the Octagon until...
Will Kobe Bryant Succeed in the NBA?

Will Kobe Bryant Succeed in the NBA?