The first season of NBA is nearly coming to an end and Los Angeles seems to have retained the best defensive rating throughout the league, thanks to their shot-block tall players.

The Lakers have an upper hand with Anthony Davis leading the NBA in the total number of 38 blocked shots. What adds up to their power is having Dwight Howard and JaVale McGee ranked at 21 and 22 positions respectively.  No other team in the entire league seems to have a trio ranked among the top 25 in blocks.

At present, the Lakers are averaging 7.5 blocks per match. Last time they gave the same average of blocks back in the year 1973.

The team is additionally ranked at number 7 in the NBA for their defensive skills allowing 103.1 points per 100 possessions. All thanks to their seasoned player Anthony Davis and defensive dominance.

Anthony Davis drives the NBA in Squares per game, and it’s been a key piece of the Lakers’ protection

If we go by the Synergy, Anthony is in the 95th perceptive among the best blocks of the league and that is actually very crazy. However, as crazy as it sounds, Davis is actually the strength of the lakers. It an actually compare all the players participating in NBA, Davis stands at second position for his best defends with 40%.

Talking about various block techniques including pick & rolls, defenses, fast-break or isolation, Anthony Davis gets puts his skills on display in numerous ways and most of them come from the help defense. The player is always there to lend his hand as a help to other defenders of his team.

The next goal on the player’s list is to win the Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) award. Although it is too early to say if he can actually bag this award under this name, he is undoubtedly a deserving candidate to be on the list of nominated players for this award.


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