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Manchester City’s Billion Dollar Squad, Details inside…..

Manchester City went has become the first-ever club to invest more than 1 billion Euros on the transfer of its players.  As per the research by CIES Football Observatory, 1.1 billion Euros are being spent on the transfer of Manchester City’s players that make up its current squad. Germany’s Paderborn has the cheapest squad as highlighted in the survey with an estimated worth of $44,10,960.

Closely following the English capital is France’s Paris Saint-German 1 billion and Spain’s Real Madrid costing $995 million.

Manchester City which was the proud winner of the domestic treble last season went to break it’s own transfer record last year when it acquired $77.6 million for the Spanish midfielder Rodri who is a resident of Atletico Madrid. Currently, David Silva, another prized procession is also a part of the team since 2010.

Manchester City’s Billion Dollar Squad, Details inside….
Manchester City’s Billion Dollar Squad, Details inside….

It has also been reported that the Premier League Champion has spent 32 times more than the Norwich City on its squad of players.

As per the reports shared by CIES Football observatory, since 2010 transfers have taken place involving teams of the top five major European leagues. Going down the list, Manchester United is the fourth biggest spender at $829 million. Whereas Juventus and Barcelona are spending $793 million and $769 million respectively. European champion Liverpool was ranked seventh in the list with a spending of $705 million. The reports highlighted the figures from fixed indemnities for permanent transfers, eventual add ons and also the sums invested for paying loans.

The proud owner of Manchester city is Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan investment company Abu Dhabi United Group. The company is one of the biggest spenders in terms of their player’s transfers.

And when we talk about the net deficits then Manchester City tops the charts with a $1.2 billion deficit between 2010-2019. This is quite more than other teams like – PSG, Manchester United and Barcelona. English Premier League clubs have a total net negative balance of $7.2 billion. Whereas French Club Lille is known to have the most positive net balance which is closely followed by Monaco, Genoa, Lyon, and Udinese.

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