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Lacey Evans defeated Natalya in a competitive match

This week on RAW, Natalya broke Lacey Evans’ entrance before their match and attacked the Sassy Southern Belle. The match still started as scheduled, with both women even more willing to fight each other. After a hard-fought match, Evans won the match with a Woman’s Right.

Natalya took the battle to Evans and displayed an increased aggressive side. But Evans bashed Natalya’s head on the floor and gained the upper hand. Evans showcased the offensive skillset that made her one of the top fighters in RAW’s women’s division earlier this year. Natalya persevered and slammed Evans with a discus clothesline for a near fall. Evans finally broke Natalya with a Woman’s Right for the win.

In the post-match, Evans who was celebrating her son’s birthday was extra elated. She also took time to explain her concept of ‘nasty’:

Lacey Evans defeated Natalya in a competitive match
Lacey Evans defeated Natalya in a competitive match

“The term ‘nasty’ came from the Marine Corps,” Evans told. “When I was in boot camp, it is three months long of hell and you walk in there and whatever you thought you were when you walk into boot camp you leave the complete opposite.

They completely rip you down, mentally and emotionally. They build you up to be a confident U.S Marine. When you are in boot camp you are nasty because, for example, if you have a three-mile run and you are anything but first place, and even if you are in the first place, you are nothing but a nasty because you could have done it better.

You could have done it faster. If you get a grade on a paper that you had to do while you were in the military but you were tired and you did the best you could, you nasty thing, you could have done better. In the Marine Corps, you are always considered a nasty because you could have given so much more of yourself.

If you are a lazy person, if you are an unmotivated person, if you procrastinate, if you don’t give every bit of yourself as a mother, as a wife, as a husband, as a human being, no matter what job description you stand in, you are a nasty thing.

“So, Lacey Evans is here to set the prime example and show the world what women are capable of because she is not a nasty, so until she motivates and picks up all of these nasty people, and flips them, and turns them around, teaches them how to conduct themselves as she does, you are just a nasty,” Evans added. “I just took that term because it means a lot to me.

While the average person thinks of nasty as being a term for dirty, that is not always the case. It’s the way you conduct and carry yourself. It is a mindset. There will be no nastier in the WWE because, as I said, I am a role model and I am the standard of what women and human beings should be which is a motivator.”

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