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California aims NCAA Pay Ban, Here’s What Happened…!!!

California is going through a major shift as far as it’s sports department and the athletes especially college athletes are concerned. California legislators have voted in favor of allowing athletes to earn their endorsement money during their college days. But this is direct clashes with National Collegiate Athletic Association. NCAA bans college athletes from receiving any kind of compensation other than scholarship and stipend. NCAA has gone a step beyond and even said that if the bill becomes a law then it will bar college athletes to take part in any of its competitions.

The California State has passed the bill by 39-0 will allows college athletes to earn money out of their name, image, and sponsorship or endorsement deals by 2023. The bill is quite refreshing and has a welcome change. It has banned schools from preventing athletes from getting such compensations or even retaining agents. And this bill has quite wider coverage extending to students in private or public colleges and universities in the state.

California aims NCAA Pay Ban, Here’s What Happened…!!!
California aims NCAA Pay Ban, Here’s What Happened…!!!

But NCAA has strongly criticized this bill and said that if any form of direct payment is received by the college athletes then their eligibility will be forfeited. And also their compensation to tuition, room, board, and some other minor expenses would be restricted or worse withdrawn.

NCAA strongly feels that such a bill would have negatively impacted the college students whose sole aim should be to obtain college degrees. But it seems that there is more to the story. It is also being said that California will force the NCAA to follow the suit. And one of the most obvious reasons is the huge disparity between different college-level athletes. For instance, Ivy League athletes don’t receive a school scholarship whereas military school athletes are salaried persons. Moreover, people believe that NCAA won’t ever allow some of it’s most prominent members not to compete.

Going forward if such a move takes place, then it is believed that California legislation would be followed by Power Five conferences by 2023. So, what happens shortly is truly interesting and worth waiting.



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