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Rodman: Keeps on finding new ways to surprise here’s what happened

When it comes to the 58-year-old former NBA star Dennis Rodman there is a shower of unexpected things and he is full of surprises. He made his brand of flamboyant individualism well before fans were aware of every single pro athlete and outside the traditional endorsements-and-corporate partnership framework. When he was the most popular back in the year of 1990s, Rodman gained a lot of attention and attraction by dying his hair, making tattoos and piercings, a good sense of dressing and also dating Madonna. 

His opinions on his life

Dennis Rodman says ” I wanted to be someone different and extra” and also that he was ” free and very bored of his life from playing basketball” and that he wanted to do something unique to energize his life”. 

Rodman: Keeps on finding new ways to surprise here’s what happened

About his Career in NBA

He had won a lot of championships, after winning two championships with the Detroit Pistons and three with the Chicago Bulls, he had quit NBA in 2000. He had spent many years in the chase of lackluster side hustles- and partying. After dilly-dallying a bit he found his way back in front of microphones and cameras by growing a relationship with North Korea’s prince Kim Jong Un. 

Another Surprise

Rodman’s career remarkable personal highs and mostly public lows are the topic of discussion for ESPN “30 for 30” documentary “Dennis Rodman: for better or worse”. While making promotional shots for the film, he wore a shirt that had his self printed on it wearing a wedding dress from the early 1996 book promotional event. It seems everything he does is quite a surprise and catches a lot of media attention. 

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