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Winning RMAC a priority for CSU – Pueblo Football Team

The Colorado State University-Pueblo football team are determined to have a winning start to their campaign to win the coveted Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference or RMAC title. The CSU Pueblo football team will be looking to bag a win against the players from Dixie State University. Both their teams will be looking to get a positive result from a match which is going to be their first this season.

The CSU Pueblo football team has had a successful history in the RMAC race, with the team winning or tying for the title seven times in just the past eight seasons. Despite losing in the NCAA Division II playoffs against the Mankato side, CSU Pueblo football team’s head coach is all praises for the team. He is hopeful that his team is going to have a positive outcome in the season opener. 

Many players will be returning to their positions this season, among whom there will be 4 players in the offensive line. The offense will see Gunnar Lamphere, a sophomore stepping in. The head coach believes that Gunnar great qualities which are needed in a quarterback.

The CSU Pueblo football team will be looking to greatly improve their passing techniques as they have been in their preseason games. The offense itself will be noticing four returning players who will ensure to keep a long-running game. There are six starters in total in the team who will be returning so even the defense is expected to do well in their games throughout the season. The team boasts to have one of the most impressive defenses in the game so one can expect the team to get great results all season long. 

Although only sophomores, Gunnar Lamphere and Jordan Kitna have great skill and knowledge and are expected to lead their team’s offense to new heights. They have a great set of players who are amazingly talented, to help them. The ThunderWolves boasts a great set of players in both, the defense and offense and are hopeful that the new season is going to be a successful one for them.


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