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Why 2019 could be England’s year to win the Rugby World Cup

England will look recreate history by trying to win the coveted Rugby World Cup in 2019, being held in Japan. The first match is going to take place on the 20th of September, with England having their first match on the 22nd against Tonga. 

England has been placed in quite a competitive group and will look to play their best and try and win all the games. This year’s team is quite focused on winning the world cup and they might just have enough to do so.

England last won the Rugby World Cup back in 2003 by beating Australia, under the captainship of the great Martin Johnson, England’s number 4 back then. 

This year’s team has real potential to win the cup this time around and there are various reasons backing this statement.

  • Maro Itoje’s willingness to achieve victory – The blindside flanker or lock has shown great potential and might be the reason for England’s victory this year. Itoje’s performance against Ireland mirrored the energy of Johnson during his prime. 

With such a brilliant show of brute force and agility, Itoje should definitely be the key player England should bank on to win their matches.

With his presence on the field, England automatically becomes a stronger team with increased chances of winning.

  • They have the best forwards and backs in the world today – England is supported by a great team of forwards and backs. With the huge players showing their physical prowess on the field, they are a force to be reckoned with. 

With their unique dynamic playing style, getting the opposition to control them is a huge task. Their players generally are the physically dominant ones in any game they play.

  • Their current form is undeniably great – With the current England team being led by coach Eddie Jones, they will enter the world cup in brilliant form. 

The team has shown great sprint during the warm-up matches leading up to the Rugby World Cup. They beat Australia and South Africa during the international meet during the last year. This spectacular show of power and speed could certainly give England their second ever world cup this year.

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