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Rice University to introduce course on how to run a NFL Franchise

William Marsh Rice University, popularly known as Rice University is a research university in Houston, Texas. Situated near the Houston Museum district, the university offers education courses on a wide range of subjects, from literature to music to biology. In the current semester, there will be an addition to another amazing course that will be taken by a select number of students. The course will be on how to run a franchise in the National Football League or NFL. 

The course will be for the students in the university’s sports management program and will be jointly conducted in partnership with the Houston Texans. The course is called Pro Sports: management and will begin this semester. The students are expected to learn about the inner workings of a franchise team in the NFL. Topics that are to be taught include things such as ticket management, public relations, human resources and also event management. The management of the University is very lucky to have professionals from the Houston Texans helping them out and this will surely lead to a more successful result at the end of the course.

Rice University to introduce course on how to run a NFL Franchise
Rice University to introduce a course on how to run an NFL Franchise

Students will be delivering weekly presentations on various topics that they learn throughout the course. This sports management course will be held in the executive offices of the Houston Texans so that the students get an in-depth experience of what is it like to be in the NFL franchise business. The university faculty instructor for this course is Diane Crossey. Before joining the university in 2015, she worked for the Houston Texans for 13 years. 

This is a new course that is getting added to the university and the Houston Texans president is all praise for it. The program is supposed to be quite beneficial to the students who will be learning about the ins and outs of the whole process to run a franchise in the NFL. The president of the Texans believes that this course is the best possible way to train the current generation to create successful individuals in the field of sports and event management.

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