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Marshawn Lynch to co-own Oakland Panthers

The Oakland Raiders are going to be leaving for Las Vegas, should their new stadium finishes construction. Their decision to move to a new location was approved in the year 2017 in April and they are expected to be playing in their new stadium around next year.

But Marshawn Lynch, an ex-player from the Raiders team has promised that even though the team is leaving the city, professional football will not be certainly leaving. Marshawn Lynch has co-founded and is also the co-owner of an indoor football team which will be playing in the Indoor Football league from next spring when the new season starts.

 Marshawn Lynch to co-own Oakland Panthers
Marshawn Lynch to co-own Oakland Panthers


Lynch believes that Oakland, a football-loving city should have its own football team, especially after the Raiders leave at the end of the season. He previously had never thought that he will be owning a football team, let alone a team in Oakland itself. Marshawn Lynch has created a reputation for himself in the city as he played with the Oakland Raiders as a running back for 2 seasons after which he declared his retirement from the game. This was not the first retirement that the former Raiders player had announced though. Lynch had previously declared his retirement in 2016 after playing for the Seattle Seahawks. 

The indoor football team which will be known to the public as the Oakland Panthers is co-owned by Marshawn Lynch and Roy Choi. The name Oakland Panthers has been kept as a sign of respect to the Oakland Black Panthers of the 1960s. Lynch looks at the Panthers as a second opportunity to leave his mark in the city of Oakland. The Oakland Panthers will be taking part in the Indoor Football League from next year in the new season and they will be playing in the Oakland arena, a stadium which is more commonly known by the people as the Oracle Arena. They are expected to play seven home games. Lynch believes that even though the Raiders will be leaving next season, his indoor football team will be able to pull loyal fans of football to their games.

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