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Italian Grand Prix Qualifier – What the teams said

After the dramatic Grand Prix Qualifier in Italy, the teams had their say regarding the entire race. Here is what each team had to say about it.

  • Ferrari – Sebastian Vettel was quite displeased with the qualifying round. He was satisfied with his laps and his car’s performance though. Vettel ended 4th but was leading until the last moments of the race. 

He said that he had no choice except to miss his last lap as the signal was already red. Vettel still hopes for a good result by starting fourth on the grid on the final day.

Charles Leclerc was ecstatic after finishing first in the race and sympathized with Vettel. He thought Vettel could have easily got the first or second position but eventually, he was happy that the team got what it deserved. 

Leclerc plans to create a gap so wide from his opponents that it becomes quite easy for Ferrari to get a podium finish on the main day.

Italian Grand Prix Qualifier - What the teams said
Italian Grand Prix Qualifier – What the teams said

  • Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton was not happy with not getting pole position but congratulated Ferrari and Charles Leclerc on his win. Kimi Raikkonen had spun off in front of Hamilton which is why he had to lift up on his last lap, probably why he could not get the first position. 

Hamilton still believes that with his team, he can surely beat Ferrari on the main day of the race.

  • Red Bull – According to Max Verstappen, the qualifying rounds did not go as they had thought it would. Verstappen is definitely not worried about the power unit and says it works exactly as they had planned. 

With a chance of rain occurring on the final day, Verstappen things it would give an advantage to them to win. Although not in pole position, Verstappen wishes to have fun and get a spot in the top 5 on the main race day.

  • McLaren – Carlos Sainz was surprised with the last lap, saying it was quite unusual to see it play out that way.

Sainz was happy with the overall performance of his car and says that McLaren had executed a very solid qualifying round.

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