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4 key points for Vikings for defeating the Falcons in Week 1

Football is a tough game with teams battling it out on the field, giving it their very best. The National Football League will have its opening week this Sunday, and the Minnesota Vikings will be playing the Atlanta Falcons at the U.S. Bank Stadium.

Minnesota Vikings will be among the 20 odd teams in the NFL who are looking to book a place in the playoffs but the journey will not be easy, starting from their first match itself. 

The Falcons have proved to be a tough opponent and if the Vikings are looking for a clearwing, they have to bring their A-game to the field. In order to do so, they should focus on some key aspects of the game. They are:-

  • Keeping a check on Julio Jones. If the Vikings want to keep the Falcons’ Attack in check, their first priority should be to contain their top receiver, Julio Jones. 
If Jones begins his play, it would be a mammoth task for the Vikings defence to keep him at bay.
Most probably, Xavier Rhodes, who will be on the Vikings defence, will most likely be given the duty of handling Jones.
The last time Jones had faced the Vikings, he was stopped brilliantly by the team. Since then, Jones has gone on to be one of the best receivers in the team as well as in NFL history.
  • Keeping a balance between their offence and defence – during the 2018 season, the problem with the Vikings style of play was their faltering balance between defence and offence. Their then offensive coordinator, John DeFilippo, was one of the reasons why Vikings had failed to improve on their attacks.
  • Utilising Cook and Murray to the best of their abilities – Latavius Murray and Dalvin Cook should bring their best to the field and the team should maintain a strict balance between their defence and offence.

Stopping Matt Ryan – By keeping Ryan in check, Vikings could prevent him from passing the ball to Jones. By doing so, they can cut down most of their attacking opportunities. 


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