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NBA Jokic Shines As Serbia Crank Up World Record

The Saudi Team had set their immersion on fire in an international match during World Women Bowling Championship scheduled to be held from 22 Aug to Aug 31 here in Las Vegas. It consists of 6 women who participated in several events including singles, doubles or team matches. 

The team supervisor, Dr. Razan Baker was elated to mention that he was very proud of these women who represented Kingdom in Las Vegas. He was the supervisor of the team and also a trusted board of members of the Saudi Bowling Federation.

“We have huge confidence in these women and their potential to achieve unparalleled success” added Dr. Razan Baker. The three musketeers Mashal Al-Abulwahid, Nahla Adas, and Ghada Nimir are among the first 50 competitors out of 60 people who have taken part in this event. 

Al Abdulwahid mentioned in an interview that the experience was really breathtaking which helped them to revitalize their true spirit and giving her a better insight about the expectations in the near future. She further added that she is delighted to have his family members here in Las Vegas who supported him throughout this tenure. “Support is a kind of driving force in those situations,” she added.

Nimir, one of the best performers in this tournament added that active participation helps her to indulge in creating skills and now she is pessimistic about the future results. 

Al Ghamdi, who hailed from Riyadh added that it’s being an honor to take part in an event that garnered top bowlers from different parts of the world and so she considers herself very lucky to represent the country abroad.

Vivian Lau, the secretary-general is very happy at the participation of the Saudi’s women team. The team will continue their training when they return to Saudi Arabia after the completion of the event.

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