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Lonzo Ball On Big Baller Brand & Lakers to John Hart

Lonzo Ball had to confess a lot on a podcast ‘Light-Harted’ hosted by fellow teammate Josh Hart. What started with a light-hearted conversation soon took a turn that might not go down well with LaVar, the famous father of Lonzo Ball. 

LaVar is famous for being the King of the Ball Family, the family that has produced three American Basketball Players making them the country’s first basketball family. Along with being a famous dad, he is also a businessman who announced his shoe sneaker brand the Big Baller even before Lonzo Ball got drafted for NBA.

Lonzo Ball revealed how he had to debut in his home brand shoes Big Baller Z02 which was not even ready to be played in. Though for people, it was more like a new competitor has arrived in the market where Nike, Adidas, reebok are leading, but the expectations were far from reality. 

Lonzo reveals that D-Mo (Harrison Gaines) had a backpack full of at least 4pairs of Z02s for the sneakers which was right under the spotlight would rip off every quarter and would be extremely painful for him to play in. When asked why he did not back off,  Ball answered that they had gone too deep to return. He called Alan Foster who was then looking after the Big Baller Brand and said he couldn’t wear them, so Alan asked him to change the brand of the shoes every game, which he did. But, Lonzo continued with the Big Baller Game until his ankle injury and the Lakers directly asked him if the injury was because of the Z02s. 

People claimed that the underperformance was due to a shoe injury guessing from the change of shoe brands and to think of it, to think of it they were right. HART remembers Lonzo as the stupid player, an a**hole for blowing up a workout routine with the Lakers, which Lonzo blames cough syrup for and his health that the quiet player never talked about. That’s before Lonzo got drafted.

The brand ambassador Lonzo, of his home brand BBB busting reality when LaVar recently announced the comeback of the Big baller Brand in the LifeStyle Segment might not prove to be a great idea. 

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