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Brendan Gan Returns back from the brink to help Malaysia on the road to 2022 FIFA World Cup!

FIFA World Cup is the most loving and exciting World Cup in which everyone is interested. Players in FIFA World Cup are so talented and skilled in their Football game. Have you heard about Brendan Gan? He is planning to get the return back to the Malaysia National Team.

Due to his ligament injuries, he got absent from the team three years back. He was an amazing player and his injury made him step back from football. It was a career-threatening injury for him. The injurious journey was not only painful for Brendan Gan, even it was so long, alone and stressful also for him. The journey was so challenging for Gan took years for him to get separated from the grass field.

Most of the times, the injured players cannot make them as the same they were before on the field but Brendan was someone who is unbeatable. Gan did not let him get affected and shadow off for his game. He didn’t prove him for once; even twice he recovered him and proved himself to come again on the field for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 campaigns.

Brendan Gan is the part of Tan Cheng Hoe which is the team of 24 players for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022. Not only for FIFA, are even they qualified for AFC, which the second round played against Indonesia in Jakarta.

The career of Branden Gan:

Branden Gan started his career with Sutherland Sharks, Sydney. He went for the Southeast Asia with Sabah FA, Malaysia in 2012. In the next season, he returned to Australia. In Australia, he was with Rockdale City Suns. In 2013, he went with Liga Super with Kelantan. At the same time period, he called by the Malaysia U-23 National Team.

His journey is spectacular and in 2019 he helped Perak to reach Malaysia FA Cup. He stuck with the ligament injury and now he is returning back to the game again after so long because of the injury.



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