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Browns announce Color Rush uniforms will be their primary threads for 2019

Whenever there is a terrific historical win, it is a human tendency to look for the lucky thing that has been with them, unlike before when they lost. Believe me, it has nothing to do with being orthodox, it is just the human tendency to appreciate the lucky charm. 

What worked for the American Football team 

Similar has been the case with the American football team, Cleveland Browns. Unlike earlier, 2018 saw their reform, when they started winning phenomenally in the matches during the premier league. In the last three seasons, it had won almost 4 combined games. With their exceptional performance, they were close to getting a playoff bid. 

All during these wins, the Cleveland Brown team had been wearing the Color Rush jerseys. The new thread of uniform that all the NFL team wore. Cleveland Brown team immensely in love with this new thread of jersey and continued wearing it for a number of matches that followed. Ironically, it might have been the lucky touch for the team. 

The uniform now becomes permanent 

This belief has been taken to the next level. The team has officially announced on Wednesday, that they are doing away with their previous uniform with a combination of brown and white, and are keeping the thread of new Color Rush as their primary uniform. 

Brown pants with brown jersey having orange stripes and their numbers in orange will now be their uniform henceforth. The petition to NFC has also been cleared.

Although some of the team members were not in favour of such a change, yet it had to go, given to the luck it had brought to the team. So, if you are a football fan, get ready to watch Cleveland Brown in their new color uniform. 

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