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Here’s The Latest World Rugby Rankings And How The Table Looks Like

As far as the latest world rugby rankings are concerned, Wales have officially lost their top spot following a defeat at home to Ireland. As a result of the defeat, Warren Gatland’s side now finds themselves at the fourth place.

Ireland, on the other hand, climbed to the second spot as a result of their win against Wales at Cardiff in the weekend. Joe Schmidt’s men won by a margin of fewer than 15 points.

England is now placed third in the world rugby rankings while New Zealand sits happily at the top.

If Ireland got the better of Wales by a margin of more than 15 points, they would have aced the world rugby rankings for the first time in history.

Here’s the table:

1. New Zealand (89.40 points)

2. Ireland (88.86)

3. England (88.13)

4. Wales (87.92)

5. South Africa (86.83)

6. Australia (84.05)

7. Scotland (81.00)

8. France (79.72)

Now, if England, New Zealand and Australia all go on to win their respective games this weekend by more than 15 points (against Italy, Tonga and Samoa respectively), Wales would require a win over Ireland by more than 15 points in Dublin on Saturday (September 7) to enter World Cup as the top-ranked side in the world.

If Wales manages to win by a margin less than 15 points, they would be at the second place going into the World Cup. And in case of a draw with Ireland, Wales would climb to third with Ireland in the second place. England would drop to fourth in that case.

A defeat for Wales in Dublin of September 7 would mean they head to the World Cup the fourth-best team in the world.

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