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Manchester United Isn’t Letting Pogba Exit Anytime Soon

Paul Pogba, the famous French footballer player has been in the news for quite a while now. All news which updated his status whether he will be playing for Manchester United or Real Madrid during this premier league this summer. 

There has been a lot of discussions about the swap between the teams.  Manchester United reluctant, rather adamant on not giving up the player to a competitor team. Even at the whooping high price of 200 million euros, he is not leaving the Manchester United team anytime soon.

 What went in their favor

Moreover, as the premier transfer week submission ended and closed in the last week there is nil chance that he will be leaving Manchester United team this summer or in the near future. He has stated that he is unsure of the future right now.

Why the team wants to keep him so desperately

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is against Pogba leaving the team at this juncture. There are not satisfactory midfielders and the team needs him on the field, playing for them. With the transfer window of the premier league closed there is a sign of relieve as there is no provision for the transfer to be made right now. Yet the confirmation from Pogba is required to know what is exactly on his mind and whether he will be playing against Barcelona in the next match or not.

There is a tough fight for him

Real Madrid and Juventus, are the two main competitors who are strongly wanting Paul Pogba in their team. Having denied 200 million euros for the transfer, it was anticipated that that had the price been even higher, still, they would have denied to the offer to let go Pogba. For now, Pogba is playing for Manchester United.

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