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Leinster take a gamble on an ex-American football lineman

Rugby is a sport which is enjoyed by people from all over the world. Thousands of people aspire to play professional rugby. But not all get the opportunity to do so. So, whosoever gets the opportunity must exploit it completely.

Recently, Leo Cullen, the coach of Leinster rugby has announced his team to play against Coventry in a pre-season friendly match. The interesting part is there are many new faces that are selected in the team.

One such name is Roman Salanoa who is part of an extended bench. He is most likely to make his debut in coming matches.

Salanoa hails from Hawaii but the most interesting fact about him is he used to play High School American Football as a defensive lineman.

He started playing Rugby quite late, however, as the destiny was meant to be, he played for the USA under-20 team in the world junior trophy back in 2016.

From there, he was picked for Leinster’s sub-academy. This 6 feet tall and almost 20 stone weighing player is consistently working his way up. He is a wealth of talent and is expected to prove his worth with time. 

His selection with other new faces might bring in a pool of talent in rugby. These players are yet to be tested with time. But it is sure that the world of rugby is going to see a lot many great level players in the next few years.

The selected players might have less experience but they are nowhere short in talent. Leinster Rugby has made a smart move by bringing the new talent on board. Nobody knows if the players like Salanoa might make history in coming time. It is a gamble that Leinster has made.

 He has a long way to go. It is just the beginning. The coming season is important for him in every sense. Let us see what time holds for him.

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