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Badminton: Top seed Akane Yamaguchi suffers opening upset at world

In sports, it doesn’t take long to turn the tables. It is nowhere necessary that a low ranking player cannot defeat a high ranking player. It totally depends on how a player plays a particular match. 

This is recently seen in the world badminton championship going on in Basel, Switzerland where the World No. 1 player Akane Yamaguchi from Japan suffered an unexpected defeat from Yeo Jia Min of Singapore who has an international ranking of 32. 

In the second round of the women’s singles, Yeo Jia Min won the match with the score of 2-0.  Akane faced the defeat with 21-14, 21-18 in just 40 minutes.

Akane was seen struggling to keep the shuttle in rhythm. She failed to get the shuttle consistently over the net and also within the boundary lines.

Akane is recovering from a lower back injury that she is going through because of the back-to-back titles that she won at Indonesia open and Japan open. This injury didn’t let the player practice enough. She missed the practice before the whole national team gathered for training camp.

The moment was quite disappointing for Akane as she herself quoted that she is expected to play better, being a top seed player.

Akane thought that she has mostly recovered, except a slight discomfort, but she consistently gave chances to Yeo Jia Min which the latter didn’t miss. This led to an epic win for Yeo Jia Min who recorded the best victory of her career till now.

This was a golden opportunity for 22-year-old Akane as it would have been her first world crown. She won the Bronze last year.

This year’s world championship is yet to see unexpected results in the coming matches. But as they say, sports are all about unexpected things happening in the most expected way.

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