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Real Madrid Might Offer Neymar Jr. A Massive $55 Million To Leave PSG: Reports

It looks like Neymar is probably set to leave the French club Paris Saint Germain. PSG have told Neymar that he could leave when the right offer would come in.

Since then Barcelona and Real Madrid have been trying to bring Neymar on their side. The fight between the two clubs to acquire Neymar is real. Neymar has expressed his intentions of choosing Barcelona as he had enjoyed a successful duration of four years in the past, i.e., between 2013 to 2017, winning many trophies with them.

The Real Madrid might offer $55 million to Neymar to join them after leaving PSG. Lionel Messi has asked his friend, Neymar, to come back and join the old team. Emotionally, Neymar seems bent towards Blugranas for his choice. This is where the Los Blancos have to play smart if they want Neymar to join them after PSG.

On the other hand, fans of the Real Madrid are mad about the fact that all the trace of Neymar has been removed from the club which might be a misunderstanding as all the Neymar items might have sold off due to the popularity of the player.

Neymar was not included in the playing 11 of Ligue 1 team PSG. His name was removed from the playing squad after he clearly expressed his will to leave. That was when the battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona began to get the infamous player join their team. Both the sides are ready to pay a hefty sum to bring in Neymar.

As far as Neymar is concerned, it is more like a heart and mind battle for him. Barcelona is a club which he has already been associated with in the past. Barcelona could hold a special place in his heart due to his successful history with the same.

We will have to wait a while to see whether Neymar would choose his old friend or would it go to its arch-rival.

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