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The plateau facing Indian singles badminton

Badminton has become quite popular in India from last few decades. Many homegrown players are making a mark on international podiums. They have won many titles for the country.

But in recent times, especially in 2019, the Indian badminton is going through a tough time. The transition from good to great is getting tough for players. 

Earlier the whole focus of Indian Badminton was on the resurrection of badminton in the country, and the players have indeed managed to do so. However, recent statistics are not quite in favor of them.

In fact, there is a steep decline in the participation of players in international tournaments. The winning percentage of the players against the top international players has also gone down.

Not many players are able to go up beyond quarterfinals. In fact, all the good statistics related to badminton have witnessed a steep fall.

This has put a big question on Indian badminton and its players. Why they are not able to maintain their winning streaks?

It’s high to take the required actions; otherwise, Indian badminton will go back to the same level where it was before its resurgence.

Players have a good chance to come back and bring Indian badminton the same golden time to what it was two or three years ago.

The on-going world badminton championship is a great opportunity. It is going to be really tough as the players need to show their best game, but this championship in Basel can be a turning point for the Indian Badminton.

HS Prannoy has upset Lin Dan in an early match. Another player Sameer Verma lost his first round, still, three Indian male players are left.

“Will Indian players be able to outperform their previous performances?” All eyes are set on this question only.

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