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Player’s trousers fall down during baseball slide

In sports, you get to see some situations where it is quite evident that goof ups can happen anytime and with anyone. Players are not perfect human beings. 

In a recent match where Los Angeles Dodgers were playing against Toronto Blue Jays, the player Cody Bellinger had to go through something embarrassing where his pants fell down below the normal position. 

Bellinger scored the 100th run of the season. The bases were loaded and a 3-2 count was there in the bottom of the fourth, Bellinger hit into the right-center field gap. While advancing to third, he slides and this led his pants to fall off.

The player laughed it off, stood up and headed towards the dugout to adjust his pants. The situation might be embarrassing for the player but the hit gave the Dodgers an 8-2 lead over the Blue Jays.

Bellinger is currently amongst the most valuable player who has 1.091 on-base-plus-slugging percentages. He is tied for the major league lead with 42 homers.

The incident has left the player puzzled that how come his pants fall down but his belt didn’t break. He is completely clueless about this.

Sports teach us to take unusual and unpleasant situations lightly and this incident with Bellinger has made this saying come true. The player took the situation lightly. He sheepishly laughed it off. 

On a lighter note, nobody knew that this situation will come with the lead of Dodgers against Blue Jays. The player took his time to adjust his clothes before celebrating the milestone of 100th run of the season.

This incident has left the spectators in splits but it is nowhere meant to be demeaning. This incident can happen with anyone and at any point.   

The world of sports is unexpected and there are many situations where players get to experience something out of place. Bellinger exactly faced the same.

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