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What is in store for Patrik Laine

Ice hockey is a sport which is followed by millions all around the world. So, no news remains small. Even a small rumor comes with big speculations amongst the fans and supporters of ice hockey. 

The time for the new season is approaching soon. The training camps will also start in less than a  month. But a question of uncertainty is still there over Patrik Laine or Kyle Connor. 

Both the players are running short on time for signing up. In a recent interview with Sportsnet, Patrik Laine made it indicatively clear that he is up for all the situations.

This has given room for the speculation that Patrik might not attend the training camp of Winnipeg Jets. He is going to stay back in Finland for training purpose. 

With two big players remain unsigned; this has also triggered the other speculations of what is brewing up between Winnipeg Jets and the players?

The rumors are that there is a fall out because of the money and term. Jets want to sign Laine for less money and for a longer duration, but this not acceptable for Patrik Laine. He definitely does not want to sign the contract for a long run on much less money.

The presence of Patrik Laine is important for the Jets. He is a key player whose absence might affect the team’s performance to a great extent. 

This is a hard time both for Jets and players. Sorting out the issue timely is what the best possible way looks. The team needs Patrik. It is high time to get issues resolved so that the team can prepare well for the upcoming season.

The upcoming season is expected to be bigger and better than the last time. So, it is going to be beneficial for the Jets to play with the best possible options.

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